Joint presentation with Audi Brussels on Automotive Circle

FRS Robotics and Audi Brussels have jointly presented on Doors & Closures in Car Body Manufacturing 2019 in Bad Neuheim (near Frankurt). This event was organized by Automotive Circle, the leading communication platform for the automotive and supplier industry.

The joint presentation titled ‘Flexibly automate ultrasonic fold glue joints inspection on vehicle doors’ was given by Werner Barbé (Audi Brussels, Belgium) and Philippe Delforge (FRS Robotics, Belgium).

Innovations in adaptive sensor positioning developed by FRS Robotics enable Audi to flexibly automate manual ultrasonic quality control. FRS Robotics developed a new adaptive robotised solution that flexibly automates the highly sensitive ultrasonic inspection of fold glue joints of Audi vehicle doors. By innovating adaptive robot control software, FRS added the required robot intelligence to continuously take valid ultrasonic measurements along the folded door edge. The presentation covers the technological challenges and innovations involved. The robotised measurements revolutionize today’s manual ultrasonic quality control that is time consuming and error prone. Adaptive Robotic Ultrasonic QC of FRS outperforms traditional automated quality control purely based on a vehicle door computer model. As a result, Audi benefits from a robotized solution that is able to flexibly execute robust ultrasonic inspection of doors, hood, trunk and wheel covers. The robotized solution speeds up ultrasonic door inspection and also reduces measurement preparation time thanks to straightforward door positioning and system calibration. Late 2019 FRS Robotics commissioned the ‘Robotic Ultrasonic QC’ solution at Audi Brussels, where the first fully electric series model Audi e-tron is produced exclusively. As the first of its kind, the e-tron is manufactured completely CO2-neutral at the converted plant, where also the model’s batteries are assembled.

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