Ultrasonic Robotic QC

The new FRS Robotics cell enables the flexible automation of highly sensitive ultrasonic measurements along the fold glue joints of doors, hoods, trunks and other car body parts. The patent-pending solution revolutionizes today’s complex manual ultrasonic quality control, which is time consuming and error prone.
FRS develops, produces and distributes software, machines and systems for any ultrasonic robotic measurement application, based on the latest research results and innovative technologies.

Offering Robotic Intelligence

By combining force control and feedback of the ultrasonic signal, FRS continuously adjusts the position and orientation of the ultrasonic sensor in real time. In this way, FRS offers the required robotic intelligence to continuously acquire valid ultrasonic measurements.
FRS Robotics has demonstrated ‘Ultrasonic Robotic QC’ on vehicle doors in premiere on the Control expo in Stuttgart.